High Sleeper Beds

Children’s High Sleeper Beds

Highsleeper bedframe are designed and aimed at the slightly older child and their changing needs; these ranges try and address their wants and needs as they develop.

The highsleeper packages can offer storage options, study areas or relaxing and sleepover zones, providing multi-functional spaces.

We offer numerous stylish options with some that offer long term flexibility, being building kit systems that change and adapt with your ever growing child.

Recommended age 6+.

Our children’s high sleeper beds elevate the sleeping area of the bed to open up the floor space underneath. Many of our children’s high sleepers can be purchased in packages which include accessories such as desks, sofa beds and perfectly-fitting shorter wardrobes.

This maximises the amount of usable space in your child’s bedroom, providing them with more room to play! We offer a comprehensive range of high-quality, durable and comfortable kids high sleeper beds, from major brands such as Thuka, Stompa and Parisot. 



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High Sleeper Beds
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