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Urban Highsleeper 10

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Product Brand: Kids Avenue
Product Code: KAV6242BAC101410
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Urban Clip on Shelf
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Urban Highsleeper 10

The Urban Highsleeper 10 is a funky and functional bedroom storage solution, with a high-rise, comfortable and secure sleeping space in pride of place!

The raised sleeping area appeals to most children, and allows for an array of furniture to be housed beneath the mattress base. A sturdy desk space, pull-out futon bed and handy bookshelves cater for most children's indoor hobbies, encouraging their academic confidence and creating a space which they can truly make their own.

The white and natural wood colour scheme will suit any style of interior decor, and remains clean and crisp looking through any amount of your child's clutter! Great for busy families all round.


Ext. Length (cm) 238.5
Ext. Height (cm) 180
Ext. Width (cm) 116
Fixed Price UK Delivery